Update on the Welcome Centre’s coordination for donations to Ukraine Refugees to the St. Vladimir’s Ukrainian Orthodox Sobor (church) from the 7 Calgary Family Stakes of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

On 27 April we delivered another 2 carloads of kitchen accessories to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. This brings the total to over 15 carloads of backpacks, pillows, blankets, toys, and personal care items have now been delivered.  We had the unexpected joy of meeting about 20+ Ukrainian Immigrants who also eagerly helped us unload nearly 20 heavy boxes containing pots, pans and other kitchen accessories.  They were about 6 different families with young children and even a few toddlers (who were extremely cute, well behaved and smiling).  Yulia Gorbach (Manager of the Ukrainian Assistance project) greeted us and also introduced us to Olga Matsula (Chair of the Board) who were both assisting these families.  It was wonderful to see eyes light up when Yulia and Olga spoke to them in their native language. 

As a recap so far,  We have already exceeded the 70 backpacks requested and have another 50 more at the Welcome Centre to deliver next week.  The recent request for 50 pillows and blankets has also been exceeded.  Our hearts are tender to see so graphically the generosity, love and time so many members have been willing to give to this effort. 

Mark Hinman (VA6 LDS)